King Gaming Giveaways…why? 

So, two friends ‘duo up’ to form King Gaming Giveaways? Well it’s simple really, we are both very passionate about all things gaming and we want to give you the chance to win amazing prizes. We have both been avid gamers from a young age. My first gaming experience began with a SNES and my co-owners was on an Atari 2600, since then we have never looked back. Between us, through the years we have owned most consoles and also built our own high end gaming PCs, giving us lots of epic gaming experiences. 

We know that the cost of gaming is expensive and having been fortunate enough to have all the experiences we have had over the years we are here to give you a real opportunity to win the best gaming gear on the market. Our competitions give you the best chance of winning fantastic prizes without ‘breaking the bank’. 

Our aim is to bring happiness to as many of our customers and fellow gamers, so grab a ticket and put our live draws in your calendar. Good luck! 



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